We Buy Used Cars

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Lethbridge Toyota wants you to know that we buy used cars! If you have been thinking about getting rid of your car for some extra cash, don’t waste your time trying to do it on your own. When choosing to sell your car yourself, there are plenty of pitfalls that you will have to overcome.

The first is having to spend time crafting the perfect advertisement to attract attention to your listing. Secondly, even when your advertisement attracts possible buyers, you will still need to take time out of your day to show off the car to multiple buyers who in the end might not be willing to buy your car.

Avoid all the hassle by selling straight to a dealership like Lethbridge Toyota who will make the selling process easy and straightforward. Simply bring your car to the dealership and let us know if you want to trade it in for a new Toyota or simply want to sell it to us. We’ll quickly take down the VIN and perform an inspection of the physical and mechanical condition. Afterward, we will present you with an offer of what the car is worth. You can quickly roll that value over to a downpayment on a new Toyota, opt for a check, or decline the presented offer.

Compared to the days or weeks' worth of time it takes to sell a car on your own, choosing Lethbridge Toyota as the place to sell your car is a no-brainer.

Our Promise

When we buy used cars, we want you to know that you are getting the best possible service around. As such, we maintain several core standards that make Lethbridge Toyota a leader in the industry.

No Hassle. We understand that no customer wants to be pestered at the dealership. We train our staff to not be overbearing, allowing for a smooth dealership experience.

Transparency. We are very upfront about our pricing, allowing you to make an informed decision without any surprise fees.

Full Tank Of Gas. If you decide to drive away with a new vehicle, you can be sure that it will be filled up.

5-Day Money-Back Guarantee. If you are unhappy with the vehicle you traded in your last vehicle for, you are free to return it within five days and get your money back.

Concierge Service. No matter the location, we will deliver!

Service With a Smile. Our team is happy to be at your service!