How To Buy A Used Vehicle

Used Vehicle Buyer’s Guide

Lethbridge Toyota Used Vehicle Buyer’s Guide

While there are plenty of horror stories floating around related to purchasing a used vehicle, the truth is the process isn’t that difficult or scary. By finding a reliable dealership, and checking on a few small details, you can get a great deal on a pre-owned vehicle. That means you can stretch your dollar further, getting a higher trim level, more safety features, or simply something a bit more luxurious than what you imagined to be in your budget in the first place. Here at Lethbridge Toyota we pride ourselves on only selling high quality used vehicles, and doing so in a manner that provides our customers with peace-of-mind. Explore our inventory of pre-owned vehicles below, or keep reading to learn more about how to buy a used vehicle—and why you don’t need to look any further than Lethbridge Toyota!

What To Look For When Purchasing A Used Vehicle

While there are plenty of ways to determine if both a used vehicle and the dealership selling it are trustworthy (and worth your hard-earned money), we believe the following are ten of the most important things to look for when purchasing a used vehicle—not to mention the easiest, regardless of your knowledge level regarding vehicles.

  1. Check to ensure that they’re a licensed dealership. In Alberta, AMVIC (the Alberta Motor Vehicle Industry Council) is the regulatory body, ensuring that customers are treated fairly and properly, and helping them when need be. If you were wondering, Lethbridge Toyota is an AMVIC-licensed dealership.
  2. Ensure you can check the vehicle out during the daytime, in a well-lit area. It’s a major red flag if the seller will only let you examine the car at night, or in a dimly-lit garage. Our vehicles are available to be seen both in person and via walk-around videos or video chat by request.
  3. Check the vehicle’s undercoating. A freshly sprayed undercoating can be used to hide potential issues you’ll have to deal with later.
  4. Look for parts of the vehicle that don’t quite match up, whether that means a bumper that doesn’t line up properly, a brand-new part on an older vehicle, or even differences in paint colour. This could indicate that that vehicle has been in a collision that hasn’t been disclosed.
  5. Make sure you’re able to test drive the vehicle. If the seller doesn’t want you to get behind the wheel until the paperwork is signed, it’s time to look for a different vehicle.
  6. You might not be a mechanic—amateur or otherwise—but check for odd smells, puddles, or leaks under the hood. If there’s a leak, you’ll end up paying for it down the road.
  7. This one should be obvious, but ensure that the VIN (vehicle identification number) matches the one found on the paperwork. You can usually find the VIN number on the dash where it meets the windshield, or on the driver side door jamb. If the numbers don’t match, or if the VIN has been scratched or removed, this could indicate that the vehicle has been stolen or that the paperwork is from a different vehicle.
  8. Find out if the vehicle has a lien on it. Basically, a lien is a debt attached to the vehicle that can be put there by a lender or even an automotive repair shop. The lien stays with the vehicle until it’s paid, whether you’re the one who incurred the charges or not. You can contact AMA (the Alberta Motor Association) to have them check if there is a lien on the vehicle you’re looking at. Every used vehicle at Lethbridge Toyota is lien-free.
  9. Remember this old adage: if it’s too good to be true, it probably is. There’s no reason you won’t find a great deal on a used vehicle, but the better the deal the more diligently you should proceed.
  10. Finally, a vehicle—even a used vehicle—is a major investment on your part, and not a decision you need to make right away. If purchasing privately, be wary of seller-imposed deadlines; likewise, if purchasing from a dealership, don’t fall for the old, “it will be gone tomorrow” or “I have someone else that wants to buy it.” While it could be true, there’s no need to feel pressured into purchasing this specific vehicle.

Why Buy From Lethbridge Toyota?

There are a number of reasons to buy your used vehicle from Lethbridge Toyota, besides the fact that we are an AMVIC-compliant dealership that has worked hard over the years to gain the trust of our community. From our stellar selection of pre-owned vehicles spanning all makes and models, to our in-house service department that checks out every vehicle we purchase or take in on a trade, you can trust the team at Lethbridge Toyota. Of course, we also offer a few other perks detailed below.

5 Day Money Back-Guarantee

5 Day Money Back-Guarantee

This one’s pretty simple: if you’re not happy with your vehicle, you have five days to return it and get your money back. Simply give us a call and let us know that you’re not satisfied, and we can begin the return process or help you find something else.

Custom Walk-Around Videos

We understand that there are a whole new set of challenges related to purchasing a new-to-you vehicle in these uncertain times, which is why we offer custom vehicle walk-around videos upon request. If you see something in our pre-owned inventory that you’d like a better look at, just contact us and let us know the vehicle you’d like us to film, as well as any particular details you’d like us to pay extra attention to.

5 Day Money Back-Guarantee
5 Day Money Back-Guarantee

Video Chat

We also offer the option to do a video chat, so that you can get the process of purchasing your next vehicle started from the comfort of your own home. Whether you want to talk about a specific vehicle, financing, or just have a few questions, we’re happy to talk face-to-face—even if it’s through a screen!

Full Disclosure

We believe that our customers deserve to know the condition and whole history of our pre-owned vehicles, which is why we offer full disclosure related to each vehicle. From a detailed breakdown of the inspection our service department performs, to the most current CARFAX® Canada vehicle history report, we will share all of the information available to help you make an informed decision.

5 Day Money Back-Guarantee
5 Day Money Back-Guarantee

Clear Pricing Breakdowns

We are happy to provide a clear and concise breakdown on the way that any vehicle on our lot is priced, upon request. We have nothing to hide and want to ensure that you’re comfortable with every aspect of your new purchase, down to the last cent!

Contact Us

At Lethbridge Toyota we believe there’s no reason that buying a used vehicle should be a stressful situation, so we do everything in our power to ensure that you’re comfortable and confident in your decision. To learn more about how to buy a used vehicle, or about any of the pre-owned vehicles on sale at our dealership, simply give us a call or contact us via the form below!