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Toyota's New Global Architecture

Everybody knows what makes an athlete strong — it’s not superiority in any one area, but rather well-rounded strength in each of the critically important core areas. Toyota’s New Global Architecture was developed with this insight in mind. In order to create the next generation of Toyota cars, the manufacturer — already known for design unbeatably high-performing, technologically advanced, and reliable safe vehicles — has gone back to the drawing board to create the strongest ever constellation of core components. Get the details by reading on, and then be sure to visit our Lethbridge Toyota dealership, where you’ll be able to experience Toyota’s New Global Architecture yourself.

Toyota’s New Global Architecture

Toyota was one of the first manufacturers to realize that the revolution in manufacturing and technology has transformed the possibilities for automobiles, and it has sought to build its new Toyota Global Architecture on this insight. In particular, it has focused on improving five key components of the driving experience. So then what are these components, and how is Toyota improving them? Here’s a list:

Driving Quality

First of all, Toyota is concentrating renewed attention on the driving quality offered by its vehicles. Special focus has been turned to ensuring the smoothest possible drive, as well as guaranteeing unbeatable acceleration and phenomenal rates of horsepower. Most of all, though, Toyota is attempting to integrate all of these different dimensions of the car’s performance into a coherent whole and thereby ensure one of the best experiences on the road available.


Toyota has devoted extra attention to the cabin interiors of its new cars, giving you comfort and space that you may never have experienced in a vehicle. Elegantly and comfortably accoutered, the new Toyota cars match internal power with interior beauty. As a result, these new Toyota vehicles are spaces that you will quite possibly never want to leave.

An Indispensable Toolkit

Toyota’s New Global Architecture also emphasizes ‘user-friendliness,’ with highly intuitive interfaces that allow you to communicate with your car on all matters of crucial importance, from fuel consumption to the amount of space available for luggage. It’s almost as if these cars are partners rather than machines, able to work with you to get you where you need to go in the most convenient, comfortable, and quick way possible.

Pride of Ownership

Eco-conscious drivers are going to feel a bit prouder in the new Toyota vehicles, which are built with an awareness of the growing environmental crisis in mind and designed to mitigate as much as possible their contribution to it. Not only that, but they’re also gorgeously designed as well, sporting sleek lines, smooth curves, and superb styling.

Towards a Better Society

Finally, the Global Architecture incorporates a range of safety features and security systems that are designed to let you sit back and enjoy the ride, knowing that your Toyota is engineered with your own and your passengers’ safety in mind.

Unique Modeling

In addition to these core-area-focuses, Toyota engineers are now concentrating on designing models with an eye for what distinguishes each from each. Indeed, Toyota makes this process easier for a few reasons. First, because each Toyota model boasts such strong performance specs, chief engineers are freed up to focus on refining each model. Likewise, lower hood profiles give designers and engineers greater flexibility in their design plans. The result is that engineers are able to focus special attention on creating the most appealing exterior designs possible.

Emotional Attachment

Finally, Toyota’s New Global Architecture is also intent on using design changes to develop and deepen the emotional connection you feel with your car. At Toyota, it’s not enough that you find your car pleasant to look at or enjoyable to drive. Rather, one of the aims of the New Global Architecture overhaul is to ensure that you experience real thrill when you interact with your car. For this reason, designers placed great emphasis on “emotional value that can’t be measured,” with the aim of improving this value through new additions and modifications to Toyota design.

Test Drive a Toyota Today

At the end of the day, of course, there’s no better way to experience Toyota’s stunning power, technology, safety, and design than by visiting Lethbridge Toyota and taking one of these cars out on the road for yourself. You can explore our new vehicle offerings here, while you can also always get in touch by contacting us using this easy-to-complete online form. Meanwhile, you should be sure also to check out what we have to offer in terms of financing options as well. We look forward to meeting you — and introducing you to one of these exciting new cars — at Lethbridge Toyota!