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Toyota Rav4 Dealership


What is Toyota Rav4 ?

The Toyota RAV4 (Recreational Active Vehicle with 4-wheels Drive, or in French "active leisure vehicle with four-wheel drive") is a compact SUV , produced by the Tapanese car manufacturer Toyota , and released in 1994. The fourth generation appeared in 2013.

What do we like in Toyota Rav4 ?

We like
Driving pleasure and performance
Space on board, comfort and storage space
The princely equipment in finish Collection
Unbeatable consumption in the city and controlled on the road

We regret
The presentation of the passenger compartment a little sad.
Some plastics a little cheap for this price level.
Braking is not easy to dose in the effort
The multimedia system that seems to come from another age

Our inventory

Which city is close to our car dealership?

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