Pre-Ordering Cars at Lethbridge Toyota

Over the past few years, many industries have seen changes in how they function. With vehicle purchasing being no exception, the auto industry is rapidly evolving. If you have tried to purchase a vehicle in recent months, you have most likely experienced the consequences of ongoing supply issues. While there may be a lucky few that find their perfect car within the limited inventory of dealer lots, the concept of pre-ordering cars is becoming the new standard.

While most will correlate the need to pre-order a car with low-production limited edition vehicles, sports cars or supercars, pre-ordering can be done with even the most mass-produced vehicles. Historically not considered the standard procedure, this growing concept offers many advantages to those looking for a new car.

Pre-Order A Toyota

Choosing to pre-order a new Toyota frees you from having to shop multiple dealers for your perfect car. The process itself is relatively straightforward, ridding stress and worry in the car buying process.

Those who want to see their options can go to the Toyota website and configure their model of choice. You’ll be walked through all the different options from the engine, colour, technology options and accessories. With a digital platform, you’ll be able to take your time and think about every option, finalizing your perfect car. Additionally, you can still stop by our Lethbridge Toyota location and have one of our expert staff walk you through the building process, giving you advice and answering any questions about specific options or packages.

Once your build is complete, you’ll be given an estimated delivery date to pick up your new Toyota. While the wait may be less than satisfactory for some people, you will at least know that you are getting a new Toyota built to your exact needs. You won't have to pay for options you don’t want or be stuck with the only available colour on the lot.

Pre-Order At Lethbridge Toyota

If you are ready to pre-order a Toyota or still have some questions about the process, please do not hesitate to contact our experienced staff at Lethbridge Toyota, who can help you at every step. We are at your service.