Best Winter Accessories for Lethbridge Drivers

With the winter months already here, it’s the perfect time to outfit your vehicle with Yakima’s top winter accessories. As an official Yakima product dealer, Lethbridge Toyota carries a wide assortment of products, even offering professional installation.

Below is a list of Yakima’s leading winter-related accessories for your consideration.
Ski Racks
Spending days on the slopes is a beautiful way to enjoy the winter months. If you’ve forgon the ski rentals and have decided to purchase a pair of your own, you may be struggling with transportation and storage. Due to the length of snowboards and skis, transporting winter sports equipment becomes cumbersome quickly.

Yakima’s assortment of ski racks is a great way to mitigate this issue. Offering flexibility with a high carrying capacity, ski racks can add ease to your day. With hinges built to withstand winter conditions, you can feel safe knowing your equipment is secured.

The EXO Snowbank remains one of the most popular products for sports enthusiasts. Connected simply to a hitch, most vehicles can be compatible. If you prefer a traditional roof-mounted option, the FatCat EVO 6 is another excellent option. This aerodynamic ski rack can hold up to six pairs of skis or four snowboards.
Ski Rack Conversion For Bike Rack
For true adventurers, Yakima offers simplified bike rack conversions. Those already using a mast-type bike rack in the summer can take advantage of the HitchSki. The HitchSki easily attaches to your bike rack, allowing you to transport up to six pairs of skis or four snowboards.
Cargo Boxes
Another noteworthy product for the winter weather adventurer is an upgrade to the standard cargo box. Whether you need extra storage space or want to separate wet or dirty items, a cargo box can be a great addition to your vehicle.

Quickly mounted to a vehicle's roof rails, these boxes can add about 16 cubic feet of additional space while being long enough to accommodate skis. Designed to be both sleek and aerodynamic, Yakima cargo boxes will have a minimal impact on your fuel economy.
Roof Basket
If you don’t need the protection of a cargo box and want quick access to equipment, an OffGrid roof basket is an excellent alternative. Without vertical limitations, a roof basket will be significantly better when needing to haul tall or bulky items. Awkwardly shaped objects like bundles of firewood can be tied down easily with accompanying hooks.

Like many Yakima products, the OffGrid offers a range of adjustable accessories.

● SkyBox Cargo Net. Covering a 32 x 20-inch area in its unstretched state, the SkyBox cargo net is a convenient way to tie down all your cargo at once.
● Shovel Bracket. Avoid getting stuck in the snow with a handy access point for your shovel.
● Exo Gear Totes. Measuring 18” x 13.5” x 9.5”, these winter-ready gear totes can add organization to your roof basket, cargo box, trunk, or even your garage.

If you are looking to install some of these Yakima winter accessories for your Toyota, don’t hesitate to contact our incredible team at Lethbridge Toyota to get you started.