Avoid Winter Breakdowns with Toyota Connected Services

Winter driving in Lethbridge presents a unique set of challenges for you and your vehicle. With winter around the corner, it’s now essential to begin preparing for the lower temperatures. Extra preparations could ensure a safe driving experience throughout the season and beyond.

Preparing For Winter Driving


  • Service Your Vehicle. Driving through winter roads puts strain on your vehicle. As your car constantly attempts to maintain traction and keep running in less-than-ideal conditions, it will wear differently. As such, staying up-to-date with your Lethbridge Toyota maintenance plan is essential. Our qualified team of specialists examines your vehicle, ensuring it’s ready to take on the winter roads. With Toyota Extended Care Protection (ECP), you can take advantage of additional scheduled maintenance outside the typical coverage.


  • Have The Right Tires. Switching to winter tires is highly recommended. These specially-made tires allow your Toyota a better chance of gripping to slippery Lethbridge roads. Additionally, you should check your winter tire treads to confirm that they are still up to standards after multiple years of abuse.


  • Add Correct Fluids. During the off-season, it is common to substitute your car’s coolant and windshield wiper fluid with water or compounds without antifreeze properties. When temperatures drop below freezing, this is less than ideal. Be sure to change your coolant and windshield wiper fluid to winter-proof compounds containing antifreeze. A winter windshield wiper fluid will stand up to lower temperatures while helping melt any ice on your windshield.


Toyota Roadside Assistance

Even with proper preparation, you may come across an unexpected breakdown this winter. Thankfully, Toyota Extended Care Protection comes standard with comprehensive roadside assistance. As one of the Toyota Connected Services, this service can be reached 24/7 with help expedited your way.

Other services covered by roadside assistance include a battery jump start, emergency fuel delivery, towing, and winching you out of precarious situations.

Don’t get caught off-guard this winter season with improper preparation and no backup plan. Whether you need your car serviced or want to add a new protection plan for your Toyota, our wonderful team at Lethbridge Toyota is just a call away.