Yakima Accessories: Upgrade Your Toyota with Rugged Style

Yakima Accessories at Lethbridge Toyota

Discover the ultimate in automotive versatility with Yakima accessories, a name synonymous with premium quality and innovation in the world of cargo management. At Lethbridge Toyota, we are proud to offer an extensive selection of Yakima products as an authorized dealer, ranging from cargo boxes to roof racks, bike racks, snow racks/carriers, and water racks/carriers, plus so much more. Whether you’re an adventure seeker, a weekend warrior, or simply in need of reliable storage solutions for your outdoor gear, Yakima has you covered, and we have the expertise to help you find the perfect accessories to enhance your journeys. Explore the world of Yakima at Lethbridge Toyota and elevate your vehicle’s potential for adventure and utility.

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Store Your Gear with Convenient Cargo Boxes & Baskets

Take along all you could ever need for your next camping trip with one of these Yakima cargo boxes, allowing you to take a large amount of gear, while still being flexible for the variety of goods you need to bring along. Lock everything up in a cargo box for safety, or let a cargo basket take your awkward items with ease. A big or small adventure starts with the ease of Yakima cargo boxes and baskets.

Get Out & Explore with Roof Racks

Roof racks are primed for any adventure you see before you. It can take some time to perfect the right level of rack, bars and attachments for your vehicle, but once complete you’ll have wished you did it sooner! Vehicle roofs come naked, with a raised rail, flush rail, fixed points or with factory rails, no matter how yours looks we’ll get you situated. From a traditional roof rack to a platform rack, you’ll be primed to carry all, from kayaks to tents to heavy gear.

Adventure How You Want with Bike Racks

Exploring doesn’t always mean doing so in your Toyota, and sometimes your vehicle is just a go-between before you get to truly explore with a bicycle between your legs. Yakima offers a variety of bike racks that suit your specific bike and vehicle. Whether you’re looking to mount your bike through a hitch rack - tray style, vertical hitch rack, hitch rack - mast style, trunk rack or roof mount, or are looking to transport them on the rear or top of your vehicle, our Lethbridge Toyota team are here to match you with the perfect Yakima bike rack for you.

Tackle Summer with Dedicated Water Racks & Carriers

Are you looking to hit the water in summer? Alberta always has an underrated hot summer, and these Yakima water racks & carriers will allow you to easily transport your gear, from kayaks to canoes to skis and so much more. Mount through a variety of means to suit your cargo, including J-cradle, saddle, SUP/surf, load assist and canoe. These options let you truly match your needs to your gear at hand, from just a boat to gear, to both at the same time. Get out on the water with the help of Yakima accessories. Be sure to explore the fishing rod carriers as well, for those who prefer the more relaxing side of fishing.

Take on Winter with Dedicated Snow Racks & Carriers

Alberta is a winter province at the end of the day, and whether you’re a skier or a snowboarder, Yakima snow racks and boxes are ready and waiting to help you easily transport your vital gear from home to mountain. From skis to snowboards to even snowshoes, these specialized racks securely hold your equipment, freeing up interior space and preventing damage. With easy loading and unloading features, they're designed to simplify your winter adventures, allowing you to hit the slopes with ease.

Take Your Toyota to the Next Level with Yakima Accessories at Lethbridge Toyota

Ready to elevate your Toyota’s capabilities and embark on new adventures with Yakima accessories? Visit Lethbridge Toyota to explore our wide range of Yakima products, and let our knowledgeable team assist you in selecting the perfect solutions to meet your needs. Whether you're looking for cargo boxes, roof racks, bike racks, snow racks/carriers, or water racks/carriers, we have the expertise and inventory to enhance your outdoor experiences.Visit us at Lethbridge Toyota and gear up for your next adventure with Yakima, today!

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