A GR Toyota for the New Age

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Sports car enthusiasts will love the influx of Gazoo Racing models available at LethbridgeToyota. Introduced in 2007, Gazoo Racing was created by Toyota Test Driver and Mechanic Hiromu Naruse and future Toyota President Akko Toyoda. Even with the pair’s connection toToyota, the team started separately from the automotive giant as a private amateur racing team.The pair would build a team using second-hand cars while taking on grueling races such as the24 Hours Nurburgring. With the team delivering favorable results and Toyoda’s ascension to becoming the President of Toyota, the Gazoo Racing team was officially absorbed into the company as Toyota’s racing division.With a group of engineers solely focused on pushing limits, Toyota was able to deliver cars fortrue sports car enthusiasts. The group would have a hand in developing several vehicles, such as the legendary Lexus LFA and first-generation Toyota 86 (then known as the FR-S).

Production Cars

Over its initial years with Toyota, Gazoo Racing produced a wide range of limited quantity vehicles under the GR Sport and GRMN (Gazoo Racing, tuned by the Meister of theNurburgring) moniker. These models were by far the most exciting vehicles that any Toyota enthusiast could drive.Vehicles built in the GRFactory do not use the traditional conveyor belt production line. Instead, each car is made in a station with a hands-on approach. Recently, Toyota has tasked GR with producing cars in higher numbers.The first GR to make its modern debut was the reintroduction of the legendary Toyota Supra.Hitting all marks, the new Supra continues to turn heads decades later.The second generation GR86 is perhaps the best value in the sports car world. The GR86 has been well received for its updated styling and agile handling.GR’s expertise is not only limited to two-door sports coupes, however. Coming to LethbridgeToyota soon is the GR Corolla. This modified Corolla hatchback features updated sporty stylings, an all-wheel drive, a 1.6L three-cylinder engine producing 300 hp, and a manual transmission.

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