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2020 Toyota Tacoma review - Dealership Lethbridge Toyota

2020 Toyota Tacoma Pickup | Built for the Endless Weekend

2020 Toyota Tacoma review from our Dealership

There's no shortage of mid-size trucks available in the Canadian market, but there's one model that stands out in terms of features and performance. What are the main reasons the Toyota Tacoma is such a popular truck, year on year?

Cab Formats Available

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Firstly, the Tacoma is available in access cab and double cab formats. Both feature two rows of seating, but the double cab offers more space for passenger comfort as well as extra storage in the back seat. Also, while the access cab has compact rear doors which open backwards, the double cab has four full-size doors that open normally.

Engine, Transmission, and Performance

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The engine configuration of the Tacoma is straightforward but powerful. All models are based around a meaty 3.5L direct injection V6 mill which pushes out 278 horsepower with 265lb-ft of torque. When passed through the standard 6-speed automatic transmission, this amount of power is great both for passing on the highway and carrying payloads over tough terrain.

For those who prefer a more hands-on driving experience, there's also the option of a 6-speed manual transmission. This gives a little more control, coupled to a smooth acceleration response which makes the Tacoma a fun truck to drive.

Towing and Payload Capability

For any truck, the towing and payload capacities are at least as important as the raw powertrain figures. Thankfully, the Tacoma performs well in capability terms for a truck that's firmly in the mid-size market.

Its payload capacity is a respectable 450kg, plenty enough for most small-to-medium tasks in the working day, while the maximum towing capacity of 2,860kg means the Tacoma is a truck that can hold its own when you need to haul a heavy load.

And to ensure that towing is a smooth and trouble-free experience, a factory-installed hitch is a standard feature across the range.

Fuel Economy

Trucks aren't necessarily renowned for their miserly fuel economy, but the Tacoma stands up very well in this area. City driving provides figures of 12.7L / 100km, while on the highway the Tacoma can achieve a healthy 10.6L / 100km.

These figures are closer to the economy you'd expect from a large SUV rather than a mid-size pickup, shaving a few dollars off the cost of each job your truck takes on.

Cabin Features

Tacoma TRD Off-Road Interior shown in Black Leather with Apple CarPlay

While a truck needs to be a dependable workhorse, there's no reason the cabin shouldn't offer comfort as well, and the Tacoma offers a surprisingly comfortable ride for a working vehicle.

As standard, the cabin is equipped with two screens. The first is an 8" touchscreen used to control the infotainment functions, with Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and Amazon Alexa compatibility included as standard. The second screen is a smaller 4" display positioned at the centre of the console, offering clear readouts of the most important information the driver needs to see at all times.

Active and Passive Safety Features

The Tacoma is well equipped with safety features across the whole range. As standard, it includes:

- Lane departure warnings and keeping assist.

- Driveline traction control with ABS.

- Electronic stability control.

- Backup camera for safer reversing.

- Comprehensive set of airbags.

Moving up the trims adds more active safety systems, including blind spot monitoring with rear cross-traffic alerts, and an expanded camera system giving a 360-degree bird's eye view of the truck's surroundings.

Toyota Tacoma Pricing and Overall Verdict

If you choose the entry level model, you can become a happy Tacoma owner for as little as $37,450 and receive a truck that's packed with performance and features. Move up to the top-level Limited trim for $50,750 and you'll enjoy a truly powerful, capable, and comfortable truck that well deserves its place at the head of the mid-size pack.

2020 Toyota Tacoma in our dealership